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Root Note Marketing

More About Root Note and Founder, Jeff Benanto

Content Marketing and Messaging Made Simple

Our Story

Root Note Marketing is Jeff Benanto’s first foray into consulting after nearly 20 years of in-house and agency marketing, primarily working with SaaS technology start-ups and enterprise organizations, including Everbridge, and Mattermost.

Like its founder, Root Note is not your typical marketing communications consultancy. We provide clients with a fresh perspective, but an eye toward helping to solve foundational brand positioning, product marketing and content challenges quickly and decisively.

Why the name, Root Note? 

In music, a root note is the first note of a chord. It’s a building block to a song. The entry point to a bigger, more impactful “story.”

That’s what we do here. Root Note Marketing will build out your foundation for a brand and product narrative that scales. 

Our Services Include

Simplifying Content Marketing and Messaging for SaaS and other B2B/B2C Companies

We focus on helping organizations:

  • Refine or conceive their fundamental brand and product messaging (e.g. “The Message House”)

  • Craft thought and industry leadership content to spread the underlying message and associated themes (blogs, ebooks, copy, podcasts, articles)

  • Reach actual influential writers, reviewers and podcasters via a focused PR approach

How are we different?

We aren't a "downstream" agency that only does PR, or only builds websites. We start with your foundation -- the Root Note -- and build persuasive but succinct and scalable messaging that can be leveraged across all of your brand and marketing channels.

We don’t veer from working with clients, CEOs, and CMOs, that like to challenge us. In fact, we prefer working with clients and executives that want to push us to produce better, faster, more straightforward messaging, content and design assets. We like to work, and work hard.

We don’t offer the services of any marketers who have NEVER worked internally for a tech or B2B company. Not a tech brand? Well, we won't put any junior staff in front of you, either.

Who is Jeff Benanto?

20 years of B2B tech PR, marketing and communications experience

Jeff is a communications and marketing pro with extensive experience working across open source, DevOps, incident management and a variety of other industries, as well as supporting different GTM motions like PLG and Sales Led Growth.

Before immersing himself in tech and SaaS, Jeff managed PR and digital marketing campaigns for consumer and hospitality brands, and now works closely with many local and regional businesses to improve their brand messaging and visibility. 

If he or Root Note can’t quite help or figure something out, rest assured, Jeff “knows a guy/gal” who can help. 

Jeff is a Penn State grad, music (hello, Root Note), and outdoor enthusiast, who lives in Duxbury, Massachusetts with his wife and two daughters, Clara and Chloe. You can usually find him enjoying Duxbury Beach with the family, playing golf, grilling or hacking around on his guitar(s).